Our Approach
Specialty coffee roastery and café in Pietermaai.

Curacao Island Coffee Roasters is located in the city roastery of coffee bar Van Gogh Coffees.
In the historic building, you imagine yourself in coffee heaven. You can go there for a delicious cup of coffee at the bar and buy coffee beans, freshly roasted by coffee boss Fabian himself. In wholesale quantity or just a bag for home. And yes, that tastes much better than the general coffees from the supermarket.

Curacao Island Coffee Roasters is all about quality. Our wish has always been to surprise our customers. It all starts with the search for the best beans. Followed by the roasting process and preparation with care and passion by our friendly staff. Do you have questions, about this process? Ask the staff for more information.

Specialty Coffee

You will only find high-quality Specialty Coffee. No, this is not an unnecessary fancy English term. Specialty Coffee is a term that indicates that it scores high in quality (minimum 82+). To select the best coffees we have a team of certified tasters (Q-Grader).
The better farmers take care of their coffee, the better we can take care of them. In this way, Curacao Island Coffee Roasters brings together craftsmanship, quality and fair trade. And you can contribute to that by also buying this good quality coffee.

We import the green coffee beans directly from the farms in Colombia, Ethiopa and Mexico.

All the beans we serve are always freshly roasted and carefully selected for quality and flavor. We offer a diverse selection of 100% Arabica specialty coffee all with cupping scores of 84+. All our beans are also available for at home, at the office or for your own enterprise! We invite you to take a look at the current products we offer in the shop.

Roasting coffee is a profoundly transformative act that radically alters a coffee’s profile. The art of blending coffees is culinary alchemy not unlike the work of chefs. The choices made when brewing determine which flavors rise to the surface and which remain understated. Even the choice of cup has a part to play in the holistic sensory experience of an extraordinary coffee. And throughout the process, coffee is evaluated over and over in a QC (quality control) environment in Curacao.

Business to Business

Taste in Coffee is personal, therefore we work together with our clients to find their perfect bean, blend or roast. Taking time and effort to create a personalized product is a triviality to us. You can expect our care from the green coffee all the way into the cup at your café, hotel or office. Feel free to contact us in order to arrange a tasting or to get a tour in our roastery! 

  • We offer extremely fresh beans, directly imported from the coffee farmers.
  • Custom roast profiles with options for private label.
  • Advise concerning equipment.
  • Barista training.

SCA*-certified roast master

Fabian, the co-founder of Curacao Island Coffee Roasters, makes every cup of coffee a resounding success: ‘I want everyone to know what real coffee tastes like, to contribute to an honest coffee chain.’

And he does so with endless enthusiasm. He buys the beans himself, roasts these beans, takes the coffee experience to the next level and shares his knowledge in workshops and training courses. He makes the fair world of coffee accessible and you can put your barista skills to the test!

Fabian himself gained many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He obtained his official trainer diploma (Authorized SCA) in Colombia and he is now training other coffee addicts. He is the first SCA-certified roaster on Curacao. For Fabian, everything comes together in the historic building in Pietermaai District: ‘Everything falls into place here, I can really enjoy my ‘coffee with a story’ here. From the bean, the roasting to the setting and experience.

*SCA=Specialty Coffee Association