How to Get in Touch
with our specialty coffee roastery and café in Pietermaai.

The roastery is located at Pietermaai 25. Inside Van Gogh Coffee Bar and Drive Thru.

This is the place where you can see the roaster, watch the roasting process and ‘feel’ with all your senses the high-quality techniques of the high-end roaster.
Buy your freshly roasted beans or grind at the coffee bar. 

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM
Saturday 8AM-4PM

Business to business -> Interested in a house blend with your own private label? Call us or pass by and ask for Fabian to check all the options.


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Pietermaai 25, Willemstad

Van Gogh Specialty Coffee & City Roastery
Historic Pietermaai District

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Consumer: (00)5999-5211565
Business to business (00)5999-5286118

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